Welcome to Friends Church.

We are so glad you are here with us. At the very heart of Friends Church is a desire to support and encourage you in your life’s journey. Maybe you are searching for something but don’t know what it is yet. Or maybe you believe in God but don’t know what He wants you to do with your life. Or maybe you know exactly what God wants you to do but don’t know how to go about it. The goal of Friends Church is to help you find answers to those kind of questions. We have a strong family culture at Friends Church which means everyone is accepted and everyone is important. If you are looking for a loving community where you can become part of the family, Friends Church could be just what you were looking for.

Friends Church is currently located in a home. This enables us to have a warm and friendly environment where we can still enjoy the traditional aspects of church such as live worship, biblical preaching and fellowship. Our Chariots of Fire Ministry help the elderly or injured get from the carpark to the chapel every Sunday with the use of a wheelchair. And our kids ministry is able to enjoy the 2.5 aches of land surrounding the chapel.

 Sunday Services: 4pm @ 9 Josephine Terrace, Highland Park.
Kids Church for ages 3-10.