Our Style

254304_10151119014768730_1775133288_nIf I had to pick one word that best described our style it would be “authentic.” It is important to us to be real with people and real with God. What does this mean in practice?

It means we talk about real issues. Our teaching has a strong focus on discovering what God is saying to us from the Bible about everyday topics such as, our thought life, relationship challenges, faith and what to do with doubt. It means we support each other. From practical support around the home to prayer and encouragement, we believe in being there for each other. We also believe in having lots of fun together. Joy is a major characteristic of heaven! It means we take the Bible seriously. If God said it, it’s true! And the truth will set you free! It means we are always on a journey. There is always something new to discover and learn. And we enjoy sharing our testimonies with each other a long the way.