Vision, Mission and Cultures

In Brief:

Friends Church is a Baptist Church and a member of the QLD Baptist Union.

Our Vision is to build an irresistible community that brings heaven to earth.

Our Mission is to increase God’s kingdom and prepare the nations for His return.

Our Cultures are:

– A culture of Transformation
– A culture of Faith and Expectation
– A culture of Grace and Salvation
– A culture of Family
– A culture of Wisdom and Revelation
– A culture of Honour


In More Detail:

Being a member of the Baptist Union of QLD allows us to be part of something bigger than ourselves. While providing some accountability the Baptist Union also supports local churches making local decisions. This means we can love and serve God in the way that He is calling us to. We are also connected to a variety of other ministries such as: Global Legacy (Bethel), Iris Ministries, and Compassion.  

Our Vision, to build an irresistible community that brings heaven to earth, explains what we are aiming to achieve as a church. The heartbeat of Friends Church is to experience and help others experience the cultures and atmosphere of heaven in their lives here and now. Jesus taught us to pray that God’s will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. The teaching and ministries of Friends Church are largely formed around this Biblical principle.

Our Mission, to increase God’s kingdom and prepare the nations for his return, explains the reasoning behind our vision. Friends Church desires more and more people to live in the way they were designed by God to live. He created us for relationship with Him for all eternity. The more we understand God’s goodness and grace, the more amazing living in relationship with Him becomes. We love not only telling people about God’s love for them, but demonstrating it for them by how we live (Rom 15:19).

Our Cultures explain how we live and make decisions in our community. Everything we say and do in Friends Church is because we are seeking to live according to our six cultures. We believe our cultures reflect the culture and atmosphere of heaven.

The culture of Transformation is the process of renewing your mind by taking off unbelief, negativity, and lies and replacing them with faith, positivity and truth. The result is a transformed life that reflects the character, behaviour, attitude and power of Jesus. 

The culture of Faith and Expectation marries what we believe with how we behave. Through the process of renewing our minds (Rom 12:2) we are transformed to be able to think from God’s perspective (1 Cor 2:16). Our behaviour always follows our beliefs. It is therefore, crucial to get our beliefs based on what God says. Our definition of faith is: Faith is believing what God says is true and then aligning your emotional, physical and spiritual behaviours with that truth. Expectation determines the speed and time it takes to move from belief to action. 

The culture of Grace and Salvation protects a community from becoming religious and law based. Jesus came to teach and demonstrate grace to a world that desperately needed a new way. Our world still needs the grace way. The way we relate to each other must reflect the grace of Jesus. Grace is undeserved favour that forgives sins, frees identities, empowers destinies and unites relationships. Salvation is the process of allowing grace to propel you from your old sin nature into your new identity in Christ. 

The culture of Family is one of our favourite cultures. Many people have called our church “a big family”. Real love, caring and supportive relationships, and most of all FUN are all things we cherish and enjoy at Friends Church. As powerful people we are responsible for our own beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. As a member of this family it is my responsibility to make sure I am a positive influence on the people around me; that I represent Jesus accurately; and that the gospel is not hindered by me but is lived out and demonstrated to the best of my ability. 

The culture of Wisdom and Revelation speaks of our love for and respect of God’s direction and instruction. Revelation is the realized will and ways of God. Revelation comes through a renewed mind (Rom 12:2) that is able to understand and apply spiritual truths to life (1 Cor 2:12). The fruit of revelation is a deeper knowing of God (Eph 1:17) and a life aligned with the will and ways of God. Revelation must always produce an action in our lives. Wisdom is the result of that action. Wisdom is the lifestyle of applied revelation. As we walk in greater levels of wisdom we become more and more like Jesus (1 Cor 30). It is our great honour and privilege to know God and experience him.  

The culture of Honour enables life, spiritual gifts and the presence of God to flow freely through our community. To honour is to treat a person or thing with the value and worth that God created them to have.